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Project Management Services

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At Artemis, we believe it is our responsibility to provide support to our client through the life cycle of a project.  From initial inception and property acquisition through design, permitting, construction and operation, we work with the client to develop plans that both minimize project costs and ensure a quality end product.  These services are available whether Artemis is retained to provide project management or if the owner decides to manage the project themself.  


As part of any property evaluation, we recommend a determination of jurisdictional waters be conducted to identify resouurces that may be impacted by the project. A proper, agency approved determination is needed to ensure that these resources can be avoided during the design process and, if impacts are unavoidable, quantified for mitigation.  Determinations are typically necessary when streams or wetlands are present or adjacent to the proposed project.


Jurisdictional Waters Identification and Delineation

PM - Jurisdiction Determination

Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys


The region served by Artemis includes some of the most ecologically diverse areas in the eastern United States.  The Indiana bat, Virginia spiraea, Roanoke logperch, Big Sandy crayfish, and Brown supercoil snail are just a few of the state or federally protected species in our region.  When a project requires a permit, state and federal agencies require the owner to demonstrate that the project will not impact any of these species.  This often involves specialized surveys to document that the species is not present or evaluate existing habitat.   

PM - T&E Surveys

Environmental Inspection and Oversight


We work closely with regulatory agencies to reduce or eliminate inspection requirements during the permitting process.  However, concerns such as public health and safety, protection of adjacent property, and limiting downstream impacts often push agencies to require inspections as a permit condition of land disturbing activities. When third party inspection is required, our staff communicates with the client to ensure permit conditions and reporting requirements are met while minimizing inspection costs.    


PM - Env. Insp. and Oversight
PM - Geologic Assessment


Whether evaluating the potential to encounter rock excavation while grading a site or confirming the projected recovery of a coal operation's reserve, Artemis provides our clients with the expertise to review available geologic data and recommend actions to increase the confidence of our evaluation. Our staff of professional geologists and engineers communicate closely to and incorporate these evaluations into our project design.  


Geologic Assessment

TMDL Offset Plans


A TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) is a term describing the maximum amount of a pollutant that a body of water can receive and meet applicable water quality standards.  If a project requires a permit to discharge the pollutant, the owner must often propose an best management practice or mitigative measures to offset the pollutant load added by the project.  Artemis's staff has extensive experience in developing and obtaining approval of these offset projects. 

PM - TMDL Offset Plans

Watershed Management Plans


Organizations interested in improving water quality and reducing pollution in their watershed often need to develop a watershed management plan to apply for funding from third parties.  Developing the plan involves reviewing existing land uses, assessing water quality throughout the watershed, identifying potential or known sources of pollution, and proposing management measures to reduce the pollution loading in the watershed. 

PM - Watershed Management Plans
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